May 13, 2013

She want's to get baptized!

I am still here in Greenfield area. So I finished my training on Wednesday and became a trainer on Tuesday! I am going to miss my trainer, Sister Dycus she is so amazing but my trainee is great too! Her name is Sister Malloy. She is from Valencia, California. She is actually from my friend, Ryan Day's home stake. Also we were in the same stake in Provo this last semester. 

Last Saturday we got to have dinner with a part member/less active family. They are so sweet! They live in the country. They showed us this old grain mill they have and their chicken coop. On Sunday we had Stake conference broadcasted. Had amazing talks! President Utchdorf talked about how every family should have a Preach My Gospel. They are amazing! I loved the talks so great and uplifting! 

This week has been great! We have found a lot of people!We have been working really hard and reacting a lot. Heavenly Father is definitely blessing us! 

We had zone meeting which always makes us want to work harder.

We have found a lot of great people this week. I am so grateful for this opportunity to train, it makes me have to step up a lot. Sister Malloy is awesome! We have met with a lot of less actives, taught, been able to talk to people. It is amazing knocking on doors and you think- OK this is not going to go anywhere- or they will tell you that, and then the Spirit inspires you what to say and you actually end up teaching them and they  say they felt the Spirit! 

One guy wasn't interested since he said he already had his beliefs, but we just asked about his beliefs and then I said stuff that I normally never say, and he invited us in and turned off the video games and radio. He  told his family that there must be a reason that of all the places we prayed and felt we should be on this random street. He said it must be a reason. So we ended up teaching his family and they just had such a thirst for it. His sister said you could tell felt the Spirit. They accepted to read the Book of Mormon and pray to find out if it is true or not. 

Another girl we tracked into, let us in to teach the first lesson and she prayed with us and agreed to read, pray, and if she found out it was true to be baptised next month. 

Another girl we are teaching told us that her mom said it's her choice and she wants to be baptised!!!! She believes that the Book of Mormon is true, after reading and praying about it.  

A boy we met wanted to go to church, and when we came back said he has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and he feels good. The Lord is blessing us a lot. There is a lot of difficulties working against them and us, but the Lord is blessing us. 

 Trust in the Lord!

Love you always,
Sister McDougle

May 5, 2013

It's been kinda hard, but it's picking up!

This past week and a half has been kinda hard- but it's picking up! 

We lost like 6 progressing investigators, all for different reasons. So it was kinda really hard. But it's getting a lot better! The sun is shining, literally it's 82!!!! And we have gotten to meet with part-member families we have been trying to meet forever! So that is exciting.

 One member is less active, so we stopped by his house to meet him. He is out in the country and he invited us right in. His wife looks just like Andee Neff and is just as sweet! They invited us over for dinner next week and gave us sausage and pork chops he slaughtered himself. They were so nice and they also had this cute 3 legged dog they are fostering. 

Speaking of dogs...Monday when we went tracking a dog followed us for a good 45 min. He had his tongue hanging out and would brush against me and slobber all over me. He was really sweet though. We named it Sandy (like from Annie), then Poppi- realized it was a girl then Olive Oil, then Squishy ("Finding Nemo" quote)- then thought we should change it because he kept running into the street and calling it squishy was asking for trouble. So we then called it Ohio... We tried tracting, but he would try to go into their houses which made it difficult, luckily his owner finally got him. 

We did service the other day for a member pulling weeds. So I never knew how much of city folk I was until I got here. I had to ask about what to pull... and ended up pulled out one of her plants. Luckily I didn't pull the root, so technically I just trimmed it. 

Transfer calls are today so I will find out sometime today if I am staying here, going, training, or new companion. 

I love you all so much! Hope everyone is doing great in school and work and everything! Love you all!!!!!!

Congrats to Christiana on the engagement!!!!!!!!

Love Always, 
Sister McDougle

May 3, 2013

Two Missionaries and a pastor walk into a nursing home...

So two missionaries and a pastor walk into a nursing home.... and nothing happens because the person they went to both see was asleep. I just thought it sounded like a punch line for a joke. The pastor was really nice to us though. When we went back to see the lady her family was there and the pastor. She said she has lots of questions for us when we come back. 

One guy we tracted into decided to teach us about the Bible, and kept inching closer and closer that by the end of talking to him we had inched slowly back from his front door, across his patio, to the step, about 5 ft. He taught us for about 20 or so minutes we shook his hands several times to say goodbye, but he kept going. He was really nice though. When I would try to testify about what is important to me is knowing Jesus Christ is my Savior, he would say oh I know that, but do you know what this word in the bible actually means. It was interesting. One of our investigators said how she wants peace that we talk about. Another one said he isn't angry when he reads THE BOOK OF MORMON  and days he doesn't he is. 

 One guy we met told us he didn't have a name, and he asked us if we belive in Jesus and we said we did and he said I'm sorry. It was cool though because by the end of it he was smiling and saying he believed in God, in the begining he said he didn't. He also told us his name. 

We went to sealing on Saturday for a couple in our branch. It was so great to see a couple sealed for time and all eternity. 

We had exchanges this week. They were good. It was great to see my friend from the MTC for a sec. Some members came with us to teach investigators. They were so great! They make such a difference! 

It is so green here! There are so many different shades of green!! And there are purple, white, and pink trees everywhere! 

An investigator came to church!!! 

One member told me about the heat, "Wait till the summer you will die." ha but it is really pretty, There are tullips everywhere.

 I love being here! It is really hard but I love my mission so much! I hope all is going well!
Love you all, Sister Mcdougle