April 22, 2013

Crazy Week!

This past week has been so crazy! We had a meeting that was changed up on us, then we had a different meeting instead. We watched a cool video there where Elder Holland talks about how missionaries say how it's hard. How they don't understand why people reject Jesus Christ's gospel. Elder Holland talked about how the course to salvation was never ment to be easy, it takes a part of our soul. He said it better, but it was just really good. In the meeting they talked about how to deal with crazy questions, my companion Sister Dycus and I talked later how we don't get too many crazy questions just people talk a lot. The next day and yesterday we got a bunch of interesting questions- "Don't you not drive cars? Did Jesus smoke weed?" and other things... We also had this missionary who extended her mission a few weeks to go around training the Sisters. She was so great! So bold! I love how she just talked to everyone and gave it her all! We were in this little town, it is so cute! We ate at a Ma and Pa's resterant and I got Mexican food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conference was so great! I loved it so much! We went to the temple today! Hope all is well! 

April 7, 2013

You made a serious impact!

Hope all is well.
This week there was a few days of sunshine so that was so great!!!! We had our first district meeting as a new district. It was great. I feel like a baby because everyone has been out forever and I just hit my 2 month mark. My companion hit her 9 month mark! We tracked a lot.

 Easter was so great! I got to see how essential and life changing the Atonement is. One man asked us if God can forgive us if we don't forgive ourselves. It was so amazing to see how essential it is to have faith in Jesus Christ's Atonement. Part of having faith in it is having faith that you truly can be forgiven. Heavenly Father loves us so much that He wants us to forgive ourselves and let the Atonement heal us. It is just so amazing how we have to forgive ourselves to truly apply the Atonement. I also got to see how it can change us so much. It was just so great! We got to eat with great members!

I love our branch! There was a child's baptism on Friday and they talked about how special it is to have the Holy Ghost as a companion. 

We got to watch some of the Young Women's broadcast. I was so grateful it was so amazing. There was a talk by Sister Dalton about Sarah (or Rebbecca, ahh I forget right now the name) from the Bible. How when the servant came to find a virtuous lady and found her that her family asked her to stay a few more days, but she said "I will go." Sister Dalton talked about how she could go because of the virtuous life she lived she didn't need to wait and prepare. I am so grateful for my family and friends, and all my leaders in the Bishopric and in Young Women's. They all made a serious impact on my life and helped me so that when the unexpected call to serve a mission came I could go and didn't have to wait to prepare for it. I am honestly so incredibly grateful for everyone's love and support I have always been so blessed with. I am so grateful they have helped me be able to serve a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am so grateful to be able to serve as a representative to Jesus Christ, every day and invite people to come closer to Jesus Christ every day. It is sooo hard, but I am so grateful for this opportunity. Ahh! Sorry rant there, I am just extremely grateful for everyone that helped me. 

Funny story- When we were tracting the other day these two little boys were on the door step whispering here the girls come. As we walked closer they sprayed silly string over us. 

Love you all!

Love Always, 
Sister McDougle

April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! 

My companion and I stayed in Greenfield for this transfer, so I will be here for 5 1/2 more weeks. (530 Jefferson St, Greenfield, Ohio 45123)

Work is going great! We have 5 new investigators in one week! Miracles!!!!! After we taught one lady I felt impressed to bring her a Proclamation to the World, (about families it's amazing, ask a Missionary or mormon.org if you don't know what it is.)  Then I thought it best not to give her the Proclamation because her family life is hard, but we felt prompted by the Spirit so we did it. When she read it, it meant so much to her and she said it was so beautiful. We are meeting with her next week. So I'll be able to teach someone a 3rd lesson!!! It's so amazing how it's all in the Lord's hands. 

We had an appointment but he wasn't there, so we went to our backup trackting and found a man. We taught him, but when we went back for our 3rd lesson he wasn't there, so we went to our backup trackting and that is how we found her! 

Another man we met said he would come to church. (We make breakfast every Sunday for people who say they will come, but so far no one has.)  So I fasted that he come or someone will come. He didn't show, BUT a less active did! Amazing how the Lord hears our prayers and blesses us, not always they way we think He would, but how He needs to. Ah I love this work! Defiantly seeing blessings after the trial of faith. There's a cool video called Finding Faith in Christ, you can order for free if you want to learn more about Christ. It's awesome and can probably find information through mormon.org

Thank you everyone for the letters and e-mails. I love going to my mailbox and getting mail! They are so supportive! Love you all!!!