April 22, 2013

Crazy Week!

This past week has been so crazy! We had a meeting that was changed up on us, then we had a different meeting instead. We watched a cool video there where Elder Holland talks about how missionaries say how it's hard. How they don't understand why people reject Jesus Christ's gospel. Elder Holland talked about how the course to salvation was never ment to be easy, it takes a part of our soul. He said it better, but it was just really good. In the meeting they talked about how to deal with crazy questions, my companion Sister Dycus and I talked later how we don't get too many crazy questions just people talk a lot. The next day and yesterday we got a bunch of interesting questions- "Don't you not drive cars? Did Jesus smoke weed?" and other things... We also had this missionary who extended her mission a few weeks to go around training the Sisters. She was so great! So bold! I love how she just talked to everyone and gave it her all! We were in this little town, it is so cute! We ate at a Ma and Pa's resterant and I got Mexican food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conference was so great! I loved it so much! We went to the temple today! Hope all is well! 

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