September 9, 2013

I kinda loudly said, "No Way!"

So Wednesday was a crazy day! It was really hard saying goodbye to people in Reynoldsburg. There are so many amazing people there who were amazing examples to me. 

President Nilsen called on Wednesday to call me as a Sister Training Leader. He said it's like a Zone Leader. Said some hard goodbyes and then packed everything up that night. 

Transfers were crazy! Over 90% of the companionship's in the mission were affected! So, basically most of the mission was there. Also super crazy, a lot of the areas now have Elders and Sisters in the wards/branches. 

They called Sister Training Leaders to be with Sister Training Leaders, kinda like how zone leaders are. So.... I am with... SISTER DYCUS!!!!!! I am back with my mama (Trainer)! When they were announcing our names I was so shocked I kinda loudly said "No Way!" We were stocked! 

I am now serving in the Canal Winchester ward. I am in Circleville. The area is split, so the Elders have Canal Winchester and we have Circleville. We have a big ward, the biggest I have ever served in. There is about 100 active members! In our area though we have about 4 active members. But it's all good, we're working on that! It is a lot like Greenfield. Lots of corn here. It's so different going from the city and suburbs to this area. It's great! It is just super surreal when I look over and see Sister Dycus driving with cornfields all around us, I feel like it's a flashback of 6 months ago. 

We have amazing investigators we are working with! Two are on date! And guess what, the kid we are working with his name is Hunter, just like in Reynoldsburg! He is great! He just turned 8. He calls me Goofball. 

It was such a blessing, because the first Sunday is always a little crazy, it was so cool that I knew some people! A family from Reynoldburg was visiting and one of Sister Love's mini missionaries that we worked with is in that ward. She is awesome! 

Today we had a mission luau. It was so fun! We had a bunch of fun games: volleyball, water-balloon volleyball, corn hole, stick pull, and other stuff. We also had our amazing "King of Tonga", senior couple Elder and Sister Neu, made us a BBQ. It was really fun! 

Tomorrow we have interviews with the President. Sister Dycus and I will be helping train the zones during it. Then Wed is Zone meeting, which we are putting on with the Zone Leaders, and then we have exchanges that day with one of the companionship's, then on Friday with another companionship, and then a really cool Relief Society Fireside on Saturday. At the fireside, Sister Nilsen will be speaking, some of the Amish sisters who recently have been baptized will be speaking, and they are going to have Cafe Rio style food! So excited! 

I love you all! Thank you so much for the support and prayers it means a lot! I love being out here and seeing how the Atonement not only works in others lives but in mine. I know that it is only through Jesus Christ's sacrifice that I can do and be more than I am.

 I love you all!
Love Always,
 Sister Mcdougle

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  1. Great letter, great Training Leader! So awesome to hear all the good works she is doing. Bless her and all the missionaries!