September 6, 2013

I'm being transferred!

Hunter got baptized!!!!! Ah it was so amazing! It was great! He looked so happy! And the next day he got confirmed! He is such an awesome/amazing kid! 

We have also been working with this one less active who has honestly changed all of our lives. He has changed his life around and is working towards going to the temple!! He is such an example to all of us. And he is really awesome because at one point we were talking about donuts and Ohio is different and doesn't have any maple bars that aren't filled!!! Crazy right? Well he is close with the donut people and got me two non-filled donuts. It was amazing and tasted like home :). Also he has been talking to his brother about the church and how he is going back, and his brother has seen all the changes and is open to learning more and we got to teach him the other day!!! He is awesome!

Went on exchanges with Sister Dycus and Pricket. They are great.

On labor day we went park contacting at Blacklick park. It is so gorgeous! I love it! So green and has all these walking trails through the forest that make me think of the sacred grove. Ohio is funny. We went in sweating because it was sooo hot and left running to our car drenched from the pouring buckets of rain. 

Learning about the enabling power of the Atonement. It is life changing! I love it! 

I was invited to go to the leadership council this week. It was so great! I received a lot of amazing training! 

Miracle! So on Sunday we really wanted to find 2 more new investigators. We felt impressed to visit an investigator. So we basically got down to we had 2 hrs left. We prayed for help. The first door we went to we met this great lady who became an investigator, saw members invited them to the follow up lesson, and then I felt impressed to go to this random house. She became an investigator! It was a pure miracle!!! Like that doesn't happen!! Ah! And we did it all in an hour so we had time to go visit the investigator! And the lesson was super cool because we felt impressed to suggest that he reads Proverbs and then the footnotes on it to the Book of Mormon, since he was reading in Proverbs and stuff. He said that when we said that it clicked. It was really cool. Plus he has been going through a hard time so it was really great we got to see him.

Today we had zone day fun day! We played glow in the dark volleyball! We also played normal volleyball, ate spaghetti, and played a game like dodge ball. It was so fun! 

I got the call. I am being transferred and Sister Love and Hansen are staying. I am so grateful to have served here, especially with them. It's cool because we can see how inspired it was to have us together this last transfer. It is really cool. I am so grateful for all the amazing people here. Ah the ward is so great. And I have learned so much from Sister Love and Hansen. They are such amazing missionaries. I love them. So I guess on Monday I will let you know where I am. Love yah all and thank you for all the support!

Love, Sister McDougle

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