August 12, 2013

Three little girls in skirts pushing a car...

Hi everybody! 
This week has been good! Honestly, I know a lot happened but I can't really remember any of it right now. :)

Our car was in the shop, so we walked A LOT! But it was cool because we had a lot of miracles happen.

One lady who's son is  a member was hopping to see missionaries and saw us! She gave us a ride. She is so sweet! (This same sweet lady took a picture of the sisters and e-mailed the picture and a note to us parents! She wrote what a blessing it was to see them and even though she isn't a member of our church, she is is so proud of their commitment!) 

Oh one day we were on our way to an apointment  and were so blessed. We weren't paying attention and didn't cross when we should of, and a car that was stopped at the red light got hit and was pushed to the intersection! We were defiantly protected! Luckily no one was hurt. We helped push his car into the parking lot. We were laughing the whole time, just thinking how funny it must be to all the cars driving by to see 3 little girls pushing a car up this small hill in skirts! Turns out he was a baptist pastor! The whole thing sounds like a bad punch line. He was really nice.

We had great lessons. And were able to have four lessons that members were present! It was great! Members there make such a difference, because people don't think we are normal people. One guy we are teaching was so surprised when he found out Mormons watch movies. It helps to have members there a lot!

I love it here! It's going great! Hope all is well! Love you all! 

Sister McDougle

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