August 5, 2013

Sister Hansen

So I am still in Reynoldsburg. I am now in a trio. I am still serving with Sister Love and she is training Sister Hansen. Sister Hansen and I actually knew each other before! We were in the same EFY group! She is so great! She is super bold and an amazing missionary! I was nervous about being in a trio (three missionaries), but I love it! It is so great! It is nice to always have someone to talk to and a different perspective. It is really great. 

So we are kinda running low on miles (we get a certain amount each month). So yesterday we walked most of the day. It was such a blessing! We were able to meet so many prepared and amazing people! It was so great! One kid has such a love for Jesus Christ, it was so great! He just had a true desire to do anything that would bring him closer to Christ. We are excited to teach him this week. 

Our mission President is doing a lot better! He has his energy back and is moving the work even more. The standards of excellence for the mission has been raised. He has such faith in continuing to grow and put our faith in the Lord. He is such a great example. Our bishop is also healing! 

We have great people that are making great progress! One lady it was so amazing- she said how she would never feel worthy to be baptized, we got to explain to her how you don't have to be perfect. We got to go over the requirements with her and realize how much she truly believes and is prepared. She is on date for next month! We have been praying very specifically. 

I have been studying this week about Christlike attributes and how much faith and hope truly means to trust God.
 How we have to have enough faith to believe something will happen, not wait for the miracle to happen to then believe. I am so grateful for the experiences to see how much faith people have and how our faith can continually grow. One sister mentioned God doesn't care where you are on the path as much as He cares about which direction your headed. 

I love you all!
Love Always, Sister McDougle

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