February 1, 2013

Kellie's First Week!

HI!!!! How are you??? I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all the letters and packages! They honestly mean so much to me! I LOVE it here! I have never smiled so much in my life! Ah I just love the doctrine of Christ!!!! I have learned so much! It is so crazy! I realize every day how much more I need to learn! I am so grateful to be here and experience it! Sister Allen is the most amazing companion! She has helped me sooo much! She is always so positive and in tune with the Spirit. Seriously in teaching lessons she is just in tune with the Spirit. Our first lesson we taught was to our teacher, who pretends to be an investigator. We did not do so hot. But it was a great LEARNING EXPERIENCE, WE LEARNED SOOO MUCH! sorry just realized my caps lock was on but I wanna just keep going. We had our first TRC. A volunteer came with a friend from his singles ward. He has been inactive for like 20 years or something like that. We had no idea about him before so we had to rely on the Spirit so much! It was such an amazing experience! The Lord blessed us so much. We were so blessed and the Spirit just guided the lesson. The spirit touched him and he was just so amazing. One thing that I love is that the Spirit blesses you so much with love for these people, even though you don't know them. Ah the Spirit is so amazing!!! I love this gospel! I am so grateful for this experience to constantly be learning about the doctrine of Christ. I am so blessed! The blessings just keep rolling. I have been super blessed to be able to serve the Sisters in my branch as the coordinating Sister. I love it! All these Sisters are so amazing and so in tune with the Spirit and have so much love for others and the Lord and Jesus Christ and his doctrine. I got to go to like 7 meetings on Sunday! I t was crazy but great! I also get to help give tours and teach orientation stuff to the 2 new districts we are getting today! On Sunday for relief Society we had the general relief society president come and talk to us about Relief Society! Relief Society is so amazing!!! If you don't know what it is- ask a missionary ormormon.org.  Yesterday for the devotional L Whitney Clayton of the presidency of the seventy and his wife spoke! So amazing! "Embrace challenges as opportunities! Ah I love it here! My district is just purely amazing! I love them all sooooo much! Seriously they have such amazing testimonies and each companionship is so inspired. They are all going to Ohio Columbus mission also! We have another district in our branch going to our mission also!! Ahh it is so amazing! I seriously love it here! Thank you so much for every letter and package it means so much! I love you all so much!
          Love Always, Kellie McDougle 

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