February 19, 2013

I've been assigned to Greenfield Area

Hi! How are you? I have been assigned to the Greenfield area. It covers about 9 small towns and farm land in between. The total area I cover takes about 2 hours driving to get to one area to the next. And everyone in that area belongs to one branch. They recently just got a branch building in November, before they were meeting in a doublewide pink tailor. The branch is amazing. They are all so welcoming. Besides a handful of families, most of the members are recent converts within the last 6 years. They are so great! We have someone signed up to have us over for dinner almost every night, besides Monday because we have to leave that free to go trackting.

My trainer is amazing! Sister Dysic is so great! She is from Arizona so it's nice to have someone who likes the heat on also. She is so positive and an amazing missionary. So many doors that I thought they were just going to slam the door, they keep listening to her. She is able to be so honest and bold but nice, she's awesome! She is honestly such a great trainer for me. She encourages me and is able to tell me what I can work on in such a positive way. She also pushes me, which is great. The first day she had us trackting and she had me get the second door we knocked on. Trackting is hard, but she is so positive about it. Like she said, either you get someone who you get to teach or you get a good story out of it. Last night someone opened the door called us Jehovah witness then slammed the door in our face before we can say anything. And the other day a dog was following us around.
I've seen some Amish people. A few nights ago when we were driving home from a dinner appointment we pulled over to let a horse drawn buggy through. I've seen sheep, cows, and horses on the side of the highway on our way to the different towns. The towns or cities are very different from each other. I am so grateful for my trainer and this area. It is completely different than what I have ever experienced. This is kind of the tip of the bible belt. A lot of people here already go to church. 
Definitely have already seen little mercies of the Lord. One day we were trackting and talking to this lady on her porch. Then out of no where this like blizzard of hard pelt like snow was coming in sideways, almost directly at us. They lady let us in and she started to open up more and we got to set up an appointment to see her again. So that was like a miracle.

Most people here are very open. A lot of people will tell you their life's stories before you even tell them who you are or why your there. It's great just so different than California. One lady we saw walking we asked how she was doing and she said not good. When we asked why she told us all this stuff she's going through and by the end we prayed with her on the sidewalk. It was great.

I am so blessed to be able to serve. There is a lot of room for potential in our area, so it's exciting. Definitely going to see some miracles. We are excited to work hard. We think it will be great. One thing we are working hard at is being exactly obedient. Our mission President has told us, "Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles."

My mission president and his wife are so amazing. I'm in such a great area to train in. I have an amazing trainer.
I know this gospel is true. That we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and loves us so much that after the proper authority was taken away from the Earth when Jesus Christ was killed and the apostles, that He loves us so much He restored that authority again through Joseph Smith. I am so grateful we have a prophet today. I know that Jesus Christ died for me. 
I love you all!!!!

Love Always, Sister Kellie McDougle

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