March 5, 2013

I Could Be Called to a New Mission!

Dear Friends and Family,

That is so exciting that Irvine is becoming a mission!!! What areas will it cover? 

This week has been good. The first few days were kind of tough. While we were out tracting people said they would want to hear more so we made appointments with them, and when we went back 4 of them weren't home. So that was a little rough. But one man was there!!!!!! We got to teach him about the restoration and he committed to praying to find out if what we have said was true and to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true! We are meeting with him this week! I also got to teach a great lady who believes but is dragging her feet to be baptised because she is worried about leaving the community of her church. But she recieved an answer to her prayers that she shouldn't worry about that! SO great how the Lord answers our prayers. 
The Holy Ghost is just amazing! I know I would not be able to teach or do anything with out it! It was cool, we knocked on this trailor and this lady came out and it was cool that the Spirit was able to touch her heart and help us know what to say to do that. We also got to see one member start changing his life around, it is so awesome! 

Anyone going on a mission look up the talk the 4th missionary- it will change your life. It has helped me change my attitude and everything. It's about giving your will to the Lord and doing His will.

The Branch is seriously amazing! They are so sweet! I love them so much!

We are almost done tracting in our whole town so we have started going to the other towns in our area. They are tiny but charming. They remind me of 'Remember the Titans' because they all have signs in the buisnesses supporting the local high school football team. People have been nice. Some people are funny and will look at their blinds and pretend they aren't home, or funny stuff like that. One lady knocked on her door window and waved goodbye to us, that was interesting. The Lord has blessed us a lot. We have had opportunities to testify a lot. And for every person who isn't so sweet there are a couple nice people.

Last week we had a conference call with the mission president and all (280 or i forget how many of us) missionaries. He informed us that a new Ohio mission if being formed because of the increase of missionaries, thanks to the October general conference announcement (age change for missionaries). It's so exciting. There will be 58 new missions! So basically what this means for my mission is lots of exciting changes! Our three big cities in our mission is Dayton, Collumbus, and Cincinatti. The New Cincinatti mission will now cover Cincinatti and Dayton and parts of Indiana. So there will be a new mission president for that mission and everything. Also some of our missionaries in our mission will be assigned to be in that mission. So basically a bunch of missionaries in my mission, will be assigned to a whole new mission then they were originally! It sounds like our mission president will pray about it and through revelation decide who goes where. No one knows when or how many missionaries. Our mission president has promised to keep us informed as soon as he knows more. So yeah, I could be assigned to a new mission. It's exciting either way! 

Congrats Roxy on your wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for everyone that e-mailed me. I can only e-mail back my family but I will write you as soon as I can.

Love you all so much!!!! Miss you!
Love Always,
Sister McDougle

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