October 14, 2013

Forgiving is a principal of power!

My Life is changed. 
My week can be summed up in two things: 

Pumpkin Show and Elder Robins. 

Elder Robbins, a member of the Seventy, came to our stake conference and all the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Training leaders got to have a meeting with him. 

Pumpkin Show:
Found out it is the 6th biggest fair in the US or something like that
They have the World's largest pumpkin there (well I don't know if this year broke the previous record they have had or not, but it was BIG)
They have the World's largest pumpkin pie!
The main streets shut down, the schools have school off thursday and Friday for it!
Members took us their for dinner one night (we all shared different stuff) and now I can say I have had: fried pumpkin waffles, fried pumpkin blossom (my favorite, tasted like fried zucchini a little), pumpkin burger, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin doughnut, and pumpkin ice-cream!

We ran into a lot of LA so that was really good. We passed out some cards. Shinning moment- passed out a pass along card to a man in a chicken suit!

WE also had a cool experience where we went to a part-member home for an appointment with a girl, she wasn't there, we left. Later we felt like we should go back. Prayed and went back and got to set up a return appointment with the mom!

Elder Robbins:
Stake conference was amazing! Sister Nilsen talked, and she realized a different folder she had. She just pulled it off amazingly and was definitely inspired. Elder Robbins talked a lot about marriage and then in the meeting talked a lot about agency and responsibility. 

Some notes:

~There is power in the book of Mormon!
~Win a friend instantly by helping them with a problem they have.  
~How did the Lord win your heart? By helping you with 2 gigantic problems, we needed a Savior.
~How many times have you been carried back on the Lord's shoulders?
~It takes some not so perfect days to get to that perfect day
~Nobody can replace the work you individually need to do!
~Only about 25% of the U.S. say the phrase "I love you!"
 in their homes! We need to say it!
~I love you" is a promise of behavior.
~If you were in the Savior's presence you would feel His love and He would express it!
~Our success in life is going from failure to failure without any lose of enthusiasm!
~We need the Sacrament, it allows us to get up again
~"Do you want to be right or be married?"
~Anger-withdraw of love, is only the manifestation of fear.

He taught us theses amazing concepts! He talked about how we have 100% agency and the doctrine that goes with that is Responsibility with 100% agency have 100% responsibility
We are not free because we have chosen, we are free because we have chosen well!
If we choose the wrong road we also choose the wrong destination.

This List is what destroyed Laman and Lemual.
Self Justification
Running Away
Giving Up

Even if they are right champions do not go to this list. 

He taught a lot about agency and responsibility. Basically by blamming others and giving up responsibility we are giving up control. By blamming someone else you give up control on the outcome!
If it is to be, it is up to me.
Responsibility is the courage to face and resolve pain, fear, shame, and guilt.
Assuming responsibility increases our options, blessings, happiness, and control, while blamming, excuses, self-justifying, and self-pity limit our control and freedom. If others are at fault abnd have to change before further progress is made, then others are in control of the outcome or desired results. Agency and responsibility are inseperably connected. You can't avoid one without affecting or loosing the other.
Even if you are right you dont need to blame.
Forgiving is a principle of power and control in your life.

I love you all so much! 
Thank you for all the support, prayers, and Love! I know this gospel is true! I am so grateful for the Savior and his love for us that motivated Him to Atone for us. 

Love you!
-Sister McDougle

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