November 18, 2013


Hey! So last night was a memory! We were across town and an appointment fell through, which is a huge blessing because as we get back in the car we hear THE TORNADO SIRENS go off!!! So we quickly hurry to our apartment praying our way there. Book it into the house, grab mattress and food and dive into our basement, where we patiently wait for the tornado warning to be over. It was fun bonding times. We had tortias, water, and applesauce so we were good! So grateful we have a basement. This is the 3rd tornado warning I have been in, but the first time the sirens went off. Today though is a beautiful day! We went as a zone to Hocking Hills and explored Old Man's cave. It was gorgeous!! We met some 2 nice men who one had been to church and stuff before, it was great! 

Our investigator came to church, a baptism, and a ward potluck! She talked in Relief Society how much it has meant for people to reach out to her and say hi. 

I have definitely seen on the mission how critical the members are, missionaries can only do so much. The real thing that helps people make the change is the member's reaching out and sharing their testimonies. It makes it more real, because they are "real people". Also the missionaries will eventually leave, so they need that support system there for them. 

I got to go to an amazing Sister Training meeting! It was so great! We have been blessed to do lots of service this week! I love you all!

P.S. Keep reading those 10 pages! Makes a huge difference! Not to late!

Love Sister McDougle

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