June 2, 2013

What Mission will I be in?!

On Memorial Day we went to the parade, but we were 15 minutes  late and it was over (forgot how small the town is). Then they had a service at one of the cemeteries. (There are four cemeteries in this small town). It was really great! The High School band played, they read off the names of those that have served and passed, there was a firing squad, they placed a reef at the memorial, and then a reverend said a prayer. It was so great! Got to see some of the members and also got to meet some of one member's friends.

Saturday was the branch softball game! It was so great! This was the 3rd year they did it, it started as a missionaries' activity, but now the young women and young men are in charge. It was a great event to bring friends to and really strengthen the branch. It was really great and really fun! 

We had another Sister with us for a tiny bit this week. Sister Finafuiaki. She is awesome and amazing! And taught us a lot.

We went back to an appointment with this one guy we met, who originally said he wasn't interested. When we talked to him it was so great. He said, "If this book (The Book of Mormon) is true I will give up everything and be baptized!"
He is so awesome! 

We have been blessed this week to get to know some of the less actives. We are really blessed and have a lot of opportunities to serve them! 

So exciting craziness in two weeks! So all in one week we will:Thursday: Have transfers which determine what mission you will be in (because our mission is splitting and they are creating a new one), Wed- we get to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sooooooooo excited! The Spirit is so strong!!! Listen to them if you have or have not YouTube them they are amazing!!!!),
 and all that week we will be having mini missionaries! 
Mini missionaries are 16-18 year old's who get to basically be missionaries for a week to help them prepare and see what it's like. They will be living with us, keeping the same schedule we do, and working with us. It is going to be awesome! We will have at least 2, but possibly more because there are so many sisters! So exciting!

This week we also have interviews with our Mission President and workshops to help us!

I love it here! Sister Malloy is awesome! I love Greenfield!

Love Always, 
Sister Mcdougle

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