June 27, 2013

Please keep him in your prayers

This week was great! Reynoldsburg is wonderful!

We found a new investigator this week, she is awesome! We also got to teach this young man the missionaries have been teaching for a long time. He has met with 5 different  misisonaries. We talked about Alma 32, and he said he finally gets it. It was so cool! He is a great young man who is really looking for the truth.

We had zone conference. It's a bunch of zones get together and the Mission President talks to us. It was so much fun! They had car inspections and we won a golden key chain for having one of the cleanest cars in our zone! We also got 50 extra miles for the month!! They played Jeopardy with Preach My Gospel questions, ones about Ohio/Kentucky, and random facts. We also received some training. The Mission president and his wife are so amazing! We found out last week that he has cancer. They are so positive and humble. They are so grateful because the reason they found the cancer was because he was experiencing pain so they went to the e.r. If that didn't happened they would have never noticed the cancer. President is so grateful for the blessings and so grateful to be able to raise his children. He is such an amazing example.

 Sister Allen is in my zone! It's so awesome! 

 I also got to go to the Posey's family's ceiling! It was amazing! They are from our last area! They are such a wonderful family. The spirit was so strong there! Ah, it was so awesome!! 

Last Monday my bishop collapsed at work . They found out he had bleeding in his brain and is in critical condition. So keep him in your prayers. We fasted as a ward for him yesterday. The ward has so much faith in the Lord. I am so grateful I know I can rely on the Lord for comfort and to know the plan of salvation that the Lord has for his children. 

Love you all!
Sister McDougle

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